Project Description and its Activities

Therapeutic-Rehabilitation Programme

Therapeutic -rehabilitation programme for people with mental diseases based on the methood od the therapeutic community enhances the quality of treatment and enviroment for the clients of Marianne of Orange's Psychiatric Hospital.

Estabilishment and Support of Service Network

The establishment and support of service network for people with mental diseases will promote the multidisciplinary principle and facilitate the connection between healthcare and social services.  


Supervision – the project will be supported by external supervision, by a supervisor who is a member of a professional organization - Czech Institute for Supervision (CIS).

Direct Support

People with mental diseases will become involved in the therapeutic-rehabilitation programme more efficiently due to direct support which is provided in the form of travel allowances or tickets for cultural events. The main purpose of direct support is initiating contacts with aftercare services to encourage smooth transition and monitoring the state focusing on timely revealing of deterioration.  

Project Publicity

The project will be promoted in professional conferences. Throughout the project two articles will be published in regional press, information billboards will be made and placed in the project implementation site.