Project Schedule

January 2015 -  April 2016  Therapeutic-Rehabilitation Programme

Therapeutic-rehabilitation programme will use mainly tested therapeutic method used by the therapeutic community enabling partner-oriented approach to the treatment, which is complex and multidisciplinary. It uses the system of therapeutic phrases facilitating gradual take-over of responsibility which are also the source of personal growth. The structured rehabilitation and therapeutic programme consists of biological treatment, psychotherapy, sociotherapy, social rehabilitation, leisure time activities, education, and motivation. Part of the therapeutic-rehabilitation programme is direct support of clients integrating into the network of services for people with chronic mental diseases.

January 2015 -  April 2016  Estabilishing and Supporting the Network

Establishing and supporting the network for people with chronic mental diseases in the region of Jeseník encourages reciprocal meetings of project partners within the network of services for people with mental diseases in the region of Jeseník. Regular personal meetings are beneficial for mutual cooperation between healthcare and social services. Sharing experience, solving arisen problematic situations, continuous evaluation of results, planning activities for direct support of clients, cooperation in the area of implementing and continuity of therapeutic-rehabilitation methods.

January 2015 -  April 2016  Direct Support

Within the project clients are entitled to draw direct support applicable to expenses related to therapeutic-rehabilitation programme. Clients are provided with direct support in the form of travel allowances related to initiating contacts with aftercare services for people with mental diseases and it is intended for expenses associated with integrating clients into cultural events such as tickets for cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, chateaus etc.)

February 2015 - Mai 2015 Renovation od Rehabilitation Area

Successful implementation of the therapeutic-rehabilitation programme requires the renovation of the area for social rehabilitation and leisure time activities.

One of the essential parts of the therapeutic programme for people with mental diseases is social rehabilitation and leisure time activities. The project gives the opportunity to create suitable conditions for acquiring new social skills, developing the existing ones and learning life roles. The entire programme includes a range of these activities. The renovation brings new spaces for a training kitchenette where consolidation of existing knowledge and acquiring experience in housekeeping and self-care will be done. There will be a workshop for manual work to acquire work habits, develop motor skills, train cognitive functions etc. Clients will be engaged in the life of a therapeutic community in a natural way, they will be able to increase their self-esteem through their achievements, and they will get the opportunity to cooperate, develop their communication skills. The programme will lead to processing of the experience and transferring it into everyday life. It will also prepare them for aftercare in social services.

February – June 2015 Creating Facilities for Leisure Time Activities

Creating facilities for leisure time activities will provide the opportunity to work with a group within the program Active Approach to Life. The programme will be organized both individually and in groups. Single activities will be connected with individual planning and they will provide the client with the opportunity to get new interests and develop the existing skills and knowledge. Crucial part will be focusing on personal development and increasing self-esteem. Thanks to the project there will be enough leisure time equipment guaranteeing the variety of activities where anyone can choose. Effective use of leisure time helps clients to prepare for gaining independence after the treatment and above all improving the quality of life.